Unified Communications

Telephony and voice, Visual communications, Conference meetings and Online messaging.

Our strategies and solutions can target all your concerns and assist you to create an organisation-wide UC approach.

We’ll support you in considering at these areas:

•  Telephony and voice: Supplying a combined, virtualised, location-independent, safe and resilient IP voice infrastructure as the foundation for richer telecommunications and collaboration
•  Visual communications: Introducing visual conferencing solutions for remote collaboration to remove the time and expense consequences of travelling, enhance communication and decrease misreading or misinterpretation issues
•  Cooperative work environment: Decreasing expenses as well as improving efficiency through communications presence as well as sharing of material inside the user’s operating environment
•  Conference meetings: Employing the most current video & audio webinar systems to make it possible for practical collaborationism around the globe
•  Online messaging: Enhancing efficiency as well as responsiveness by delivering dense messaging features in one structured experience
•  Social partnership: Delivering a deeper way of working together which harnesses social media methods and user habits and yet stays compatible with business standards
•  Telecommunications administration: Conserving time, enhancing performance and optimising your communications spend by controlling all your fixed line and cellular network solutions